• By: Kriss Barlow, RN, MBA | kbarlow@barlowmccarthy.com Right wrong or otherwise, we all make snap judgments when we meet new people. Last week I needed help from an airline gate agent and here’s what happened: I approached the counter ready to beg, cajole and flaunt my frequent flyer status as I wanted to get home on an earlier flight. As I approached the counter, the gate agent looked up immediately, smiled and asked how she could help in a warm and engaging way. She listened fully to my request and then said, “Let’s see what we can do to make that happen.” The interaction was all of three minutes and yet, it left me feeling positive, I know her name

    Feb 01,
  • By: Jeff Cowart, MAH | jcowart@barlowmccarthy.com The beginning of a new year, the launch of a new goal, a significant change in direction – all of these are opportunities for reflection on where we’ve been and where we’re going. Usually, this reflection is accompanied by resolutions, declarations of new direction, and a burst of new energy. Too often, however, this process quickly devolves into disruption at the hands of the mundane, the heavy tug of the status quo, and the loss of traction toward our new goals. Then the malaise and disappointment of failure starts to hover and nag. Why is this cycle so familiar? The truth is, the cycle has nothing to do with our good intentions nor our

    Jan 25,
  • By: Kriss Barlow, RN, MBA Let me get this out of the way: I am of the baby boomer generation. Actually I remember when our home phone number was, “9” yep, that’s right; one number worked in Slayton, MN.  Back then, picking up the phone was the only way to communicate; today picking the phone seems to be a last resort.  I generally pick up the phone when it is too detailed to explain in a note, when I feel like I need a customer service solution, or when I want to “connect” with someone.   The first use of more detailed explanation and a conversation is generally with current business colleagues.   How many business calls have you made in the

    Sep 18,
  • By: Kriss Barlow, RN, MBA This blog is a bit of a whine, mostly because so many of my clients deal with this. Everyone is a referral development expert, and in healthcare our experts are often clinicians, operations and finance leaders who freely share their perspectives on the best way to grow referrals. (This is where, if I were really grumbling, I would point out that there are no sessions in medical school on referral development techniques, am I right!?!). Why then do we take their ideas for referral growth as sales gospel? You are the referral development expert. Just as we sell ourselves to the practices, it is important to earn the right level of internal positioning through a

    Sep 12,
  • By: Ann Maloley, MBA Every day it seems the topic of the patient experience appears in the healthcare literature. Most of the articles come from the hospital operations or business strategy angle. In fact I’ve written a few of those articles myself as it relates to practice development. For the past several weeks I’ve have the unfortunate opportunity to witness the ‘experience’ from the other side.  I have spent considerable amounts of time in an East Coast world-renowned hospital with a special friend of mine who is approaching the 60-day mark of recovery from a serious illness.  If I had known at the beginning that I was going to have this level of exposure to the ‘inside world’ of the

    Sep 09,
  • By: Allison McCarthy, MBA This summer was about family.  My husband and I hosted the bi-annual reunion of my mother’s extended family here in Plymouth.  While we rotate the “host” site, it seemed most fitting this year given our ancestors who were a part of the original Mayflower pilgrimage.  Researching and discovering our family “roots” created some new descriptors of “who” we are - individualistic, entrepreneurial, and self-directed, etc... Our family story has become a more defined and distinct. What is the organizational story you tell physician recruits?  If you were to research and describe its history, would that communicate the current mission and vision in a more interesting way?  Has the organization’s journey triggered changes in culture?  And is

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