• By: Kriss Barlow, RN, MBA | kbarlow@barlowmccarthy.com Right wrong or otherwise, we all make snap judgments when we meet new people. Last week I needed help from an airline gate agent and here’s what happened: I approached the counter ready to beg, cajole and flaunt my frequent flyer status as I wanted to get home on an earlier flight. As I approached the counter, the gate agent looked up immediately, smiled and asked how she could help in a warm and engaging way. She listened fully to my request and then said, “Let’s see what we can do to make that happen.” The interaction was all of three minutes and yet, it left me feeling positive, I know her name

    Feb 01,
  • By: Jeff Cowart, MAH | jcowart@barlowmccarthy.com The beginning of a new year, the launch of a new goal, a significant change in direction – all of these are opportunities for reflection on where we’ve been and where we’re going. Usually, this reflection is accompanied by resolutions, declarations of new direction, and a burst of new energy. Too often, however, this process quickly devolves into disruption at the hands of the mundane, the heavy tug of the status quo, and the loss of traction toward our new goals. Then the malaise and disappointment of failure starts to hover and nag. Why is this cycle so familiar? The truth is, the cycle has nothing to do with our good intentions nor our

    Jan 25,
  • By: Kriss Barlow, RN, MBA Time and again, physician relations representatives are told to “go market a product or service.”  Generally the request is sent because patient volumes have declined. (Yes, I know the move is to value, but volume is still the real cry).  Internally a blanket message to the marketplace is the top-of-mind solution. There are times when a blitz strategy-in which a message is spread to the masses-is a great approach, but it needs to be used gingerly. And the results are not guaranteed.  Liaisons everywhere know this… selling doesn’t ensure instant referrals. I’d like to share my perspectives on this strategy.  When is it the best solution?  How is it performed?  And finally, when is it

    Mar 12,
  • By: Allison McCarthy, MBA As recruitment and relations professionals, we often consider selling in our interactions with physicians – getting them to say “yes” to a practice opportunity or to make a referral.  But we’re also continuously selling with our internal stakeholders – senior leaders, physicians, etc…  This really came to light for me as I was recently reading Daniel Pink’s book To Sell is Human:  The Surprising Truth About Moving Others. During my in-house days, I remember continuously feeling under-resourced.  There just didn’t seem like enough hours in the day to get it all done – particularly during those times when I was doing both recruitment and relations as a one person operation.  In meetings with my CEO, I

    Mar 03,