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Check back often to hear from our talented team of consultants. Topics covered include: Physician Relations, Physician Recruitment, Practice Marketing, Medical Staff Development, Community Health Needs Assessments, etc.

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    Kriss Barlow’s latest book will give you a refreshing start to each new day with a small piece of advice geared towards healthcare sales. This book is a perfect addition to your desk to keep you motivated all year long. It also makes a great gift for your team! For bulk orders please email

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    Take your physician relations program to the next level. Kriss Barlow teamed up with HealthLeaders Media to bring you this comprehensive guide consisting of advice and strategies for developing, positioning, and enhancing your physician sales program.

    Price: $99.00

    Order Kriss’s book from HealthLeaders’ Media and as a “Friend of the Author,” you can receive 20% off. Use Source Code: MAUTHOR20.

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    Kriss Barlow co-authored this must-read guide for building and positioning a physician sales program. Packed with real-world examples and practical ideas, this comprehensive guide offers more than 250 pages of invaluable insight for physician sales leaders.

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    If you haven’t taken advantage of our Leader’s Guide series, now is the time. Our easy-to-use 12-part series includes ideas to motivate and develop your team and/or your personal skills. All 12 parts of the series have now been compiled into an easy to use bound workbook.

    Program Leader Tools

    Tools for Physician Recruitment

    We hear it from you every day… keeping current, understanding new market trends, managing the internal stakeholders and the needs of the external physicians and keeping motivated is a huge and sometimes lonely obligation. Whether you are a program leader or you function independently in this role, access to new ideas and innovations for program growth is essential.

    We have a tool to help – an easy to use series that includes ideas especially for you to motivate and develop your team and/or your personal skills.

    When you order, you will receive our complete 12 part series in one easy to use workbook, which includes:

      A pre-assessment tool at the start of every chapter. A simple test to let each reader evaluate their own performance in the topic area.

      Articles, briefs or book reviews, skill building tools and suggestions on a select topic. Topics we will discuss include: gatekeepers, time management, the art of cold calling for recruiters, lead generation, measuring results and many more.

      Success stories from the trenches.

      A special manager’s guide will provide a format for group discussion. And if you are a solo program, the tool can be used with networking groups or independently also.

    The cost of the printed Leaders Guide is $50.00. You can pay by credit card via PayPal below and we will get it shipped your way ASAP. Any questions or issues email