Medical Staff Development Planning

To achieve growth objectives organizations must create the right network of physicians. The Medical Staff Development Plan (MSDP) assesses both quantitative and qualitative strengths and gaps within the organization’s provider community to ensure success. This includes setting priorities to maximize the strategic agenda whether achieved through recruitment of new physicians or realignment of existing practices. We also bring our physician recruitment expertise to consider realistic expectations and success requirements.

We work through a defined and proven process that includes:

  • ​Assessment of surplus or shortage in specific geographic areas and specialties of medicine
  • Identification of opportunities for existing practice growth or new sites of service
  • Prioritization of clinicians to be added to the medical community based on unmet needs, competitive challenges, and succession requirements
  • ​Alignment of healthcare system support to leverage partnership opportunities with private practices while maintaining regulatory compliance 

Our work and partnership with you adds value in several ways:

  • Strategies are explicitly stated and actions linked directly
  • Business and service line plans are developed and aligned to strategies
  • Our processes and recommendations are crafted to engage your clinicians
  • The plan provides includes resource allocation and deployment; sensitivity to volume and value payments populations; and support for serving diverse constituencies and multiple priorities

 With you, we craft a scope of study that gets to the heart of your core interests:

  • Population-based needs assessments with other metrics such including accessibility, productivity, payor participation and consumer influences
  • Competitive profiles versus collaborative practices
  • Quantitative summaries and qualitative impressions of physician referrals
  • Review capability, capacity, and readiness to recruit, retain and develop thriving clinical practices

A few of our recent engagements have included:

  • A statewide, 15-hospital system – including a tertiary center and children’s hospital, organized service lines and employed practices.
  • A multispecialty group focusing on market growth expansion including access and capacity assessments as well as referral and outmigration patterns.
  • A Midwest community hospital that included a consumer perception study to understand specialty care location perceptions.
  • A suburban community hospital with a strategic objective to become a regional care hub and retaining high-end specialty care including trauma, high-risk obstetrics and subspecialty surgery. 

Our Expertise

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