Physician Onboarding

We know from deep experience that the best physician onboarding begins with a disciplined plan to integrate new physicians into existing cultures. How we help get a physician started makes a significant difference in long-term physician satisfaction, enhanced performance, and retention. Our approach recognizes the importance of local healthcare/medical ownership and helps create logical touchpoints.

Developing a standardized set of tactical activities and timelines, tailored to your organization and unique market characteristics, has proven value for establishing and maintaining strong relationships with all physicians, but particularly those new recruits. We assist with:

  • ​Tools and templates such as orientation schedule and operational checklists
  • Disciplined rollout actions for the practice, hospital and community
  • Post onboarding assessment and success measurement

Specific internal and external engagement strategies are a foundational element of quick integration for a new physician and acceleration of ramp-up for practice growth. We have a proven record of success in helping clients create:

  • Critical success factors for onboarding optimization
  • Required infrastructure and organizational process 
  • Colleague-Mentor options
  • Important referral partnerships

Our Expertise

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And let’s do it on your timeline and within your budget.