Physician Retention / Leakage

Continuity of care is a top concern for today’s healthcare leaders. Whether it’s attrition of new recruits or concerns about specialty referrals staying within the network, the ultimate goal is keepage and engagement of the right physician talent. For retaining new recruits, nationally, physician turnover is 6-7% with the most vulnerable time period at two years post recruitment. Finding and keeping physician talent can’t be assumed. ​

With leakage, physician employment by health systems is now business as usual; however, earning their referrals continues to be a challenge. B/Mc’s experts recognize that just saying we’d like to keep the business does not make it happen. Growing revenue starts with the right selection of providers and then early immersion by the physician relations team – supported by leadership.

  • Assessment: Whether its new recruits or a leakage issue the starting point is to assess and understand why
  • Plan: A consistent approach to earn, ask for and measure retention within the medical staff and/or in-network referrals is foundational
  • ​Engage: Successful strategies start with the physician. Good engagement requires you know their needs and expectations

Our assessment process answers what’s going on via data and conversation- with the leaders and with your medical community. Solid conversation is a difference maker in our approach and lets us- and you- understand the why. B/Mc provides customized solutions, but only after solid insights from data and those involved. A critical difference in our approach is making sure our ideas will work within your organization. That gets us to the how. The end result is recommendations and actions that are full of detail and equip your team for success.

Fixing leakage often requires innovative process improvement. We partner to help organizations identify the fix and if needed assist with the implementation. Working with physician relations field teams we’ll work to identify new methods for engagement and keepage. Once we’ve quantified the keepage opportunity, the process may include:

  • Data driven documentation
  • Access and systems
  • Enhanced awareness
  • Clear pathways for internal collaboration
  • Results reports
We will work with you to make sure you are set-up for success.

Physician turnover rates have been holding steady at 6-7 percent for several years. Organizations that want to have a true net gain in physician recruitment recognize that proactive retention strategies are a must.

  • ​The first step is a deep-dive into the reasons for turnover and which groups are most vulnerable. This includes looking at reports which identify the critical areas for further study. We then will interview key stakeholders within those clinical areas, as well as outreaching to departing physicians, to gain qualitative insights from which the fixes can be made.
  • From this assessment, a customized retention strategy is constructed – that carries proactive attention that starts during onboarding works to build new physician engagement and practice satisfaction including:
    • ​Consistent input gathering by a variety of team members at regular intervals asking the right questions to identify concerns and ensure they are being addressed
    • ​Establishing a feedback capture system to capture and theme the inputs above
    • Identifying and assigning mentors with job descriptions and performance expectations
    • Constructing meeting intervals between new recruits and practice leaders to dialogue about practice development and satisfaction
    • Training practice leaders on how to have constructive dialogue during those sessions
    • Establishing dashboard reports for senior leaders for early identification of vulnerabilities

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