Online Learning

A large part of our mission at Barlow/McCarthy is helping you build your skills. To help us continue to advance that mission we have prepared content in the form of articles, books and online courses. These materials are geared toward the segments of physician relations, physician recruitment, practice marketing and business development. 

Sometimes, you just need to read something to better understand a concept or to visualize the next steps on your journey. Barlow/McCarthy consultants have a variety of articles, blogs and checklists on topics of interest. Learn approaches for creating new physician relations models; re-tooling existing physician relations programs; facilitating physician recruitment and new physician on-boarding; and developing retention and practice marketing plans. Check out our full Library of Articles here.

Our team has been hard at work writing for you. Check out our library of books and specifically our Leaders Guide's for Physician Recruitment and Physician Relations. We will be continually adding literature in the form of books, workbooks and ebooks to the bookstore. Check out the bookstore HERE.

B/Mc Academy is the online home for physician relationship education from the Barlow/McCarthy team. Join us for teachings on Physician Relations, Physician Recruitment, Practice Marketing and Referral Development. We hope to use this site to help you stay on top of your game in the competitive healthcare market. Check out B/Mc Academy here​.