Physician Relations Sales Training

Simply having a field team does not ensure referral success. Results depend upon clear goals, methodical discipline in execution, and the ability to close. Team training is required to create high performers who use engaging and intentional messaging to truly connect with physicians. Our proven tools and techniques are customized for you and your team by our certified sales instructors.

No matter how skilled and seasoned, every team needs ongoing professional development and review:

  • Sales 101: How to improve face-to-face interactions; gatekeeper management techniques; and, role-play dialogue to manage objections and close the deal.
  • Advanced: Focuses on discovery and application of innovative ways to engage and become a consultative partner with physicians.
  • Scenario Skills Building: Promotes critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration through custom-designed scenarios.
  • Sales Planning: Workshop setting demonstrating step-by-step actions to craft a successful sales plan.

Sales managers and individual field representatives are energized by professional development focused on their particular needs. We offer:

  • Field Manager Intensive: From hiring to coaching, insights on everything the leader needs to build and maintain a high-performance field team. 
  • 1:1 Field Sales Coaching: We ride along in real time to assess, instruct and take individual sales performance to the next level.
  • Team Building: Development exercises to promote teamwork and team-based performance.

Our one-day intensive and interactive workshop includes pre-meeting research and onsite instruction to:

  • Stimulate thinking and explore new ideas
  • Sharpen existing strategies
  • Promote critical thinking about new opportunities
  • Develop a roadmap for advancing existing and new ideas

Most healthcare leaders are not “sales” types. Effective physician relationship team members are. And, we are, too. We help you find, hire and develop the right kind of talent for your team. Here’s how:

  • Objective assessments of existing team
  • Identification of prospects, interviews, and sales skill assessment tools
  • Onboarding, one-on-one coaching, ongoing training, and performance evaluations

Learn more about how we can help you develop and improve your talent on our Team Talent page.

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