Team Talent

Every day work with physicians is critically important for your organization. The right talent will earn their respect and provide value-added information whether in relations, recruitment or a marketing role. As the demands grow, the organization’s ability to find and develop their talent is mission critical. Sales types are not an easy bunch to find, keep or manage. Take advantage of our experience and our tools to hire right, train well, and create clear expectations for success

  • Provide talent assessments, including ride-alongs
  • Offer customized developmental plans for teams and individuals
  • Train new staff, seasoned experts and managers to ensure the right skills for the role
  • Support hiring with tools, interviews, job descriptions, performance criteria and compensation
  • The right hire can make or break your physician relations and recruitment efforts. Internal stakeholders are the best people to assess culture and fit, but screening for sales effectiveness in an interview is a challenge. SalesMax is an objective assessment tool that provides three distinct measures
  • Sales personality. The natural aptitude and how they sell
  • Knowledge of sales process. Demonstrated knowledge of the relationship sales process
  • Motivators. Indicates why they = want to sell and what motivates them in their job

Beyond your new hires, it is a great tool for personal development with existing talent with recommendations for leveraging their strengths and working on areas that need improvement. The easy to understand reports are based on answers to more than 250 questions and it’s all online. Interested? Send a note to or call us at 866.315.7774 and we’ll get you more details.​

Expert interview or assessments. Whether starting a new program or it’s just time for a refresh, an objective input is valuable. B/Mc provides telephone and onsite interviews to support your hiring decisions. We also offer onsite assessment of talent with assessment tools, onsite interviews and field observations- it’s a comprehensive look at your talent and if you’d like, at your model. 

As teams grow so does the demand for effective implementation of a growth strategy. Today’s leaders need to manage the people and internal relationships and to demonstrate the team’s effectiveness. That’s no easy task.

B/Mc offers, ASSESS, an online tool to help with selection of a sales manager or to further the skill development of your existing manager. ASSESS provides a comprehensive assessment of the strengths and liabilities based on those areas that have been found to impact job performance like: energy level, assertiveness, cooperativeness and practicality in thinking.

Beyond the online tool, B/Mc provides resume review, telephone or onsite interviews, manager coaching and our manager intensive workshop. Interested? Just send a note to and we can set up a call to provide more details based on your needs.

New managers are often overwhelmed by all the responsibilities of building and developing a great team. And their leaders often run short on time to provide all the hands-on coaching and mentoring - there are simply too few hours in the day. B/Mc’s intensive is a skill based, interactive session to guide managers in:

  • ​​Hiring the right talent
  • Setting goals and expectations
  • Coaching techniques
  • Dealing with difficult staff
  • Internal obligations​

Send a note to or just call us at 866.315.7774 if you’d like more information on our schedule or the content. 

Relationship Sales Training: New and seasoned staff benefit from relationship sales training. Providing your team with a customized training by a certified sales instructor we’ll immerse your team in a process that has proven effective to

  • Improving your face-to-face interactions
  • Managing gatekeepers
  • Asking better questions
  • Staging the visit
  • Advancing the relationship

Training provides an excellent opportunity for team building, practicing new approaches in a safe environment and often, reenergizing the team. B/Mc offers advanced training workshops:

  • Advanced techniques
  • Scenario Skills Building
  • Sales Planning
  • Your topic here: ____________     

Check out our page on training, Physician Relations Sales Training. ​

Send a note to or just call us at 866.315.7774 if you’d like more information. If you are a small team or a new team member, B/Mc also offers Destination Training just for you. Send us a note and we’ll let you know about the current training schedule. 

And let’s do it on your timeline and within your budget.