Home for the Holidays: Recruitment Strategies that Work

By Allison McCarthy, MBA

Some see it as an opportunity to slow down while a few might see it as a good time to recruit.  But given all our prospecting messages around “returning to your roots,” this may be the best time of year to tug at those heartstrings.

The holiday season – between Thanksgiving and New Year’s – gives us the chance to take advantage of that magical spell which casts over most of us.  Since so many recruiters are busy with holiday celebrations and personal commitments, there is more opportunity to stand out from the crowd.  And the slower holiday pace just may provide the opportunity to involve our medical staff more or finally set a site visit date with that “dream” candidate.

Our approach may not be quite the same but our efforts don’t need to slow down – just adapted to fit well into this time of year.  For example:

  • It may be an ideal time to ask your physicians to network with potential prospects or other contacts that can lead to prospects. People are in a more generous mood at this time of year and with patient schedules at a slower pace they may have more time to connect with colleagues who can open doors.  
  • This may be an easier time to reach a physician prospect by phone with a slower pace and more support staff taking time off during this period.
  • While physicians are returning home for holiday visits, it may be a perfect time to work in a site visit.  Maybe it’s an abbreviated version, i.e. a single meeting over coffee with key stakeholders or just a casual meal together.  It could even replace the traditional initial screening via telephone and facilitate a more personalized introductory conversation.  
  • For one of our clients, we are creating a specific holiday direct mail campaign – a “Home for the Holidays” message in a greeting card format – as a way of being distinct from the typical physician recruitment direct mail look.  
  • Many physicians may “kick off” the New Year with a resolution to search for a new position.  Ensuring your practice opportunities are more, rather than less, visible might catch those who have been delaying this decision but now ready to make the shift.  

The holiday season may not seem like a great time for recruiting, but if you look beyond the shopping, cards and party obligations, you’ll find many opportunities to connect with well-qualified candidates.  With just a bit of ingenuity and creative thinking, you can make the most of the unique recruitment advantages that this time of year offers.

If you’re looking for a resource to help with medical staff development planning, recruitment program enhancements, sourcing support, or onboarding assessments; we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you further.  Contact Allison McCarthy at 508-394-8098 or via email at amccarthy@barlowmccarthy.com.