The Results are In! Survey Findings Shed Light on Physician Relations Focus

By: Kriss Barlow, RN, MBA

[box]“Communication continues to be a challenge for organizations working to retain and engage physicians.” Barlow/McCarthy Physician Relations Focus Survey, 2014 [/box]

Recently, we sent out a simple survey to ask physician relations staff about their priorities, wish lists and needs, as well as specific topics they’d like to see emphasized in future articles, webinars and other sources of learning.

The results point to a market that is still actively focused on securing the right referrals for the organization. The findings also suggest that our colleagues in the field are working hard to match their approach with internal expectations.   Clearly, getting the right new volume of referrals into your organization and  measuring the impact is still a challenge.  Here is a sample of our findings.


Click here to download the full survey results.

NOTE: If you missed the chance to participate, here are the questions that we asked.  Take a minute to consider how you would respond and then select the link to compare your thoughts to the results.

  1. There is no doubt a long list of priorities for 2014. If you were asked to list the #1 priority that the organization needs from you, what would you select?
  2. While more time is often at the top of any wish list, if you could pick one thing on your wish list that would most enhance your ability to be effective in the role, what would it be?
  3. Effective retention is a critical element as we anchor physician engagement within the function. Please rate your organization’s current effectiveness in the following:
  • Orientation
  • Full onboarding process
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Satisfaction with organization communication
  • Ability to resolve pressing issues
  • Active physician involvement

4. Looking ahead, what do you believe to be of greatest need from the physician?

5. What would help you most?

  • Advanced retention strategies
  • CRM or advancing analytics
  • Report formulas with detail
  • Reinventing the role
  • Earning internal support
  • Shifting to a new model
  • Increasing volume growth
  • Measuring impact