Part 1 - The Emotions of Healthcare Sales: It's Not all Roses

Highs and Lows

By: Kriss Barlow, MBA, RN

For those who have never had a career in sales, I suspect the term, “the preparation and the knowledge that there will be more ‘no than yes'” seems a bit odd.  If sales is a part of your routine, you understand there are days when things are all positive, and then there are, well, those other days.

Some days are great. It’s not always about the close, but a close makes for a great day.  However, I also love when a good connection progresses a conversation.  I get a bit of a sales high when I am recognized and valued by my contact (he or she doesn’t always say it but I feel it).  Sales is a lot about timing, sometimes it’s just right.

Some days really stink.  Like everyone I have lousy days and push through, experiences where stubbing my toe would feel better.  For some, it’s rejection that you did not handle right or feel powerless to manage.  For me, the stinky days are those when I failed to prep, to anticipate, to get the deal, to listen better.

Some days I lack the drive I need.  While I would generally rather cold call someone than write a report, sales does require energy, and lots of it. There are times when I need to manufacture energy because it is not coming to the sales process in a natural way.  I could go on and on with this topic.  Lethargy stems from issues of trust, stress, personal hurt, integrity, and many more. What emotion drains your sales drive? What energizes it?

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