Hospital and medical practice success is built on the strength of relationships with physicians. Without that, there is no growth. Field liaison programs remain the most effective way to create and maintain meaningful connectivity with physicians. Learn More

Recruiting a strong pipeline of physician talent is the cornerstone of a strong hospital or medical practice. Physician recruitment teams play a critical role and high performance recruitment teams are vital to success. Learn More

Physician practices are now a part of almost every health system. Each practice is unique, and requires a tailored solution for recruiting and retaining patients. Building on years of real-world marketing application and success, we help you get it right. Learn More

Managing in-network referrals is an important strategy for most organizations. Whether it’s a leakage issue within an employed physician group or referrals that leave the system due to a variety of reasons, the ultimate goal is keepage. Learn More

We know from deep experience that the best physician onboarding begins with a disciplined plan to integrate new physicians into existing cultures. The key to physician satisfaction is has a lot to do with how we get started. Learn More

To achieve growth objectives organizations must create the right network of physicians. The Medical Staff Development Plan (MSDP) assesses both quantitative and qualitative strengths and gaps within the organization’s provider community to ensure success. Learn More

Sometimes unique challenges need a fresh set of outside eyes to unemotionally and objectively test, accurately record, and report key facts. Only then can effective solutions be developed and implemented. Learn More

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