Hate the Task, Love the Potential

Embrace each opportunity as a stepping

By: Allison McCarthy, MBA

As I’ve been coaching a physician recruiter on cold-calling physicians, I love that she admits that she hates the task – but knows it has the potential to make a real difference in her results.  She pushes herself to dedicate time to this effort, adjusts and readjusts her approach, wrestles with the discomfort but keeps going.   Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she was motivated purely by making these calls?  Certainly would make it emotionally much easier.  But she recognizes that she doesn’t have to love the task – she just has to believe in the opportunity it can bring to her results.

We all know there is no “magic” approach to sourcing physician leads.  All the resources have to be put into place – including cold calls – because we never know which one will trigger interest in that desired target.  And we have to try different messages – continuously refining until we find the one that resonates.  It’s hard work and requires discipline to generate results.

I’ve found that if you embrace the discipline then expertise builds and self-confidence is fostered.  Before you “throw up your hands” and tell yourself that making those cold calls isn’t worth it, remember all success is based on long term commitment and incremental improvements. You might not like the lackluster results you’re getting right now, but it will lead to knowledge and proficiency going forward.

You don’t have to love the task, you just have to love where it might potentially lead – the opportunity of what might be a result of that call.


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