Managing Physician Recruit Turnover Risk

Physician Turnover RiskBy: Allison McCarthy, MBA

The AMGA/Cejka study has been consistently tracking annual physician turnover at about 6-7%.  That translates into losing about 1-2 physicians for every 20 recruited into your medical staff.

There is real cost associated with turnover.  It’s possible to demonstrate the impact with  “hard” numbers.  For example:

  • Opportunity cost – what is the unrealized financial contribution for a physician NOT in a specific position i.e. the revenue or contribution margin that would be generated by the physician less the cost of employing or supporting him/her.
  • Replacement cost – what would be the costs to recruit another physician into that position including sourcing, site visits, signing bonus, relocation, etc….
    • Practice productivity – add to the above the amount that the organization has to subsidize the startup of each new physician.  The difference between what the physician costs in salary/benefits, practice expenses, etc… versus what they bring in for revenue. Then you have the total replacement cost.
  • Patient attrition – when a physician leaves a practice, the practice can lose those patients to another care center – maybe even in a competing system.  How many patients does that represent?  And what is the downstream revenue associated with those patients?

Managing turnover is a real dollars and cents effort.  By recognizing the specific experiences (or lack thereof) that makes a meaningful difference in the new recruit’s perception of the organization, we can more aggressively manage those situations and help the organization save real money.

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