Part 2 - The Emotions of Healthcare Sales: Finding the Drive When Energy is Low

Highs and Lows

By: Kriss Barlow, MBA, RN

While logic should play a role in managing emotions, I think that being logical doesn’t help anyone work through the highs and lows.  I am not a woman who de-emphasizes a victory because “logic “ tells me that my referral development or recruitment success might not be the same.   I read a lot about sales and from the experts, I have learned this advice.

  • Allow the emotion to happen.  Recognize this is just part of it and there will be ups and downs.
  • Find acceptable ways to deal with it.  It may be that if you have had three bad prospecting calls in a row, you give yourself permission for a 30-minute break from calling. Go write a report, then re-focus and get back to it.
  • Own it. While there are many internal stakeholders that could implement solutions that would make the role easier, this emotional stuff is about what’s going on internally, not externally. How we manage this is our work for emotional sales success.
  • Create the right approach to express your emotions.  Let’s face it, many of the people you interact with do not wear their hearts on their sleeve. It’s important to share emotions in a way that is effective for you but also comfortable for your colleagues and superiors.

Perhaps this all starts with awareness: recognize your present emotion and look at the impact it has on you and others. Create an approach to leverage emotions to help, not hinder, your field sales effort.  Give yourself permission to enjoy the glow from successful sales efforts and not let your energy dim when it does not work out.  Maybe you have found other techniques that work.  Please share them as we are all in this together!

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