Physician Relations: What's Really Important?

Physician Relations- What's Really ImportantBy: Kriss Barlow, RN, MBA

With a new year off to a running start I suspect many of us have some great resolutions (hopefully a few are still standing)!  I admit to some whoppers over the years.  In the recent past, my resolutions are much more about grounding, priority setting and focus.  Perhaps that is why a recent Harvey Mackay article that called out snipets on what’s really important hit home.  Let me share a few.

  • The most destructive habit: worry
  • The greatest loss: loss of self-respect
  • The most satisfying work: helping others
  • The ugliest personality trait: selfishness
  • The most endangered species: dedicated leaders
  • The deadliest weapon: the tongue
  • The most prized possession: integrity

It’s a good list and I suspect we’d all agree with most of them. Are there one or two that really hit home for you?  They did for me.

Most of us are in the people business.  We thrive on our ability to influence others and to have strong relationships. Take these into consideration as you go through your day. Sometimes the simplest reminders can make the biggest difference.