Thanksgiving 2014

thanksgiving2014By: Kriss Barlow, RN, MBA

Thanksgiving is here. Its one day when work takes a back seat to personal traditions including family, food, and football. As Americans, we get a bit retrospective and humbled by all that is right about our country. Through many trials, our forefathers did their part to give us a better life.

For healthcare professionals it is an opportunity to consider those individuals that have offered guidance, support, mentoring or a much needed word of encouragement. Thank you does have a role in our professional acumen and yet, sometimes in the pace of work-life, it tends to be overlooked.

Gratefully consider individuals in your career who:

  1. Showed interest in your ideas
  2. Recognized you and made sure you were given credit for your efforts
  3. Trusted you with a big project, a tender relationship to manage, or a high-profile initiative
  4. Worked to get you a promotion
  5. Pulled you aside for some council so you could learn from mistakes without having your spirit broken.

Today may be the day to send a note or pick up the phone and say, “I am thankful for you and for your role in my career development.”

At Barlow/McCarthy we are thankful for you.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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